Alex Petunin is a 3rd generation artist, born in 1986 in the USSR.
Drawing since he was 3 to present days, he has created thousands
outstanding award-winning objects, interiors, architecture, sculpture and artworks.

In 2009, he has received a Master of Architecture degree, founded and develops the leading multidisciplinary design studio oneione design, which has successfully created and built more than 350,000 square meters of interiors for business and private clients around the world.

He became known for a lot of solo and group art exhibitions around the world, many prestigious international awards, thousands of realized objects and numerous
creative concepts - from jewelry to future transportation.


My philosophy is to fill the world by the forms I live in. Through my creation, I try to show the beauty of the world inside me. This is a material expression of my spiritual essence.
In sculpture, I try to catch the beautiful curves and reflections, to find a new form of expression.
In design, I try to imagine how the things I create can look in the future,
then giving the best ergonomic features to the forms

I do things that look like from the far future, which people can see and use today and right now.All my works are created with the idea of the world over the next 50 years

I am constantly following the development of science and new technologies.
I learn all about computers, AI, nanotech, chemistry, new materials and methods of production.
Using all pieces of knowledge, I create useful and beautiful things that look as futuristic as possible

I use the power of a clear mind and purity of forms to create a beautiful and fresh design.
Beauty is everywhere, but the most beautiful thing for me is minimalism

One of the main goals in my life - is to enjoy the beauty of the world and to create magnificent things. Creating beautiful things, I open my soul and realize my purpose

To do what I love and to love what I do is the main thing for me in any creation.
This principle is the base of my success
Exhibitions & Events
Alex Petunin is a participant of many international exhibitions in
London, Milano, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ljubljana, Beijing,
Abu-Dhabi, Singapore and Los Angeles.
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Awards & Prizes
Alex Petunin is a nominant of many prestige international design awards:

A Design Award 2013
International design award, get for collection of futuristic tableware

Creativity Award 2014
Russian design award, get for OneTwoThree lights collection

Design&Decor Award 2015
Russian design award, get for the best exhibition stand design

ADD Award 2018
International design award, get for interior design of the biggest Russian resort "First Line Resort"