Alex Petunin design
Fundamental of design

My philosophy is to fill the world by the forms I live. Through my creation, I try to show the beauty of the world inside me. This is a material expression of my spiritual essence. In sculpture, I try to catch the beautiful curves and reflections. In design, I try to give the best ergonomic features to the forms.

I do things that looks like from far future, which people can see and use today and rignt now.
All my works are created with imagine of world after 50 years ago.

I am constantly follow the development of science and new technologies.
I learn all about computers, AI, nanotech, chemistry, new materials and methods of production.
Using all knowledges, I am create useful and beautiful things that looks futuristic as possible.

I use the power of clear mind and purity of forms.
Beauty is in everywhere, but most beautiful thing for me is minimalism.

One of main goals in my life - is to enjoy the beauty of the world and to create beauteous things.
Creating beautiful things, I open my soul and realize my purpose.

To do what I love and to love what I do is main thing for me in any creation.
I think this principle is base of any success.
Exhibitions & Awards
Alex Petunin is a participant of many international exhibitions in
London, Milano, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ljubljana, Beijing, Abu-Dhabi, Singapore
and winner of many international design awards
Product design
We do ergonomical, functional and beautiful product design.
You can order to us next categories of things:
Furniture | Lightning | Sanitary | Tech devices | Tableware | Transportation | Music devices

Interior design
Our studio have great experience in different kinds of interior design -
from little aparts to huge public spaces. You can order:
Private interiors | Public interiors

Sculpture, decoration & accessories
My biggest love is to create amazing and beautiful forms.
Beautify your life with ordering to us:
City sculpture | Interior sculpture | Jewelry | Vases | Decor & mirrors

Art and graphic design
I love to draw:
Abstract art | Logo & firmstyle | Wall graphics

I have 'Master of architecture' degree and can professionally do:
Private houses | Public buildings | Small architectural forms
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+7 921 943 16 20
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