Quantum foam

All pieces is numbered and signed by author

The concept of space-time, or quantum, foam is used to describe the intended structure
of the Universe at its most fundamental level. It is believed that at very small distances
(at the Planck length ~ 1.6 x 10 ^ -35 m) the space does not have a smooth, flat structure,
but trembles chaotically and fluctuates. If it would be possible to look at the fabric of the
Universe with the help of a magnifying glass, revealing its smallest scale, it would turn out that space
loses its smoothness and becomes similar to the raging surface of the ocean.⠀
I tried to imagine quantum foam and presented it in the form of this sculpture.⠀

MATERIAL: Stainless steel
SIZE: 415x365x1170(h) mm

Architects and designers can request 3d model by e-mail